Please take off your shoes before you come into the Beyond blog, it’s new

Please take off your shoes before you come into the Beyond blog, it’s new

Welcome to the Beyond blog! Mind your feet, it’s new.

We started Beyond in 2016 to change how companies manage their budgeting. We knew it was broken and outdated. And we knew we could fix it. (We’re right boffins.)

We knew real-time, company-wide planning would breathe life back into budgeting. We knew giving staff responsibility, accountability, and the tools to manage their own budgets – without needing three PhDs in Accounting, Economics, and How-To-Update-That-Dusty-Old-Excel-File-All-The-Important-Data’s-On first – would engage them and encourage them to actually manage their budget. Properly. Throughout the year. Not in a blind panic the day before financial year end…

We didn’t know Richard Branson would tweet about us – that was a heart-stopper!

(Our mums were very proud. After we explained what Twitter was three or four times.)

But we knew real-time budgeting would change how businesses work for the better.

And we know there’s still a long way to go to improve budgeting, efficiency, and collaborative working.

So we started the Beyond blog.

Here, we’re going to talk about modern finances for the modern age. We’ll go through case studies and tips on getting the most out of Beyond, and showcase ways your business can work better.

Welcome to the Beyond blog. Welcome to a new way of working.